Utility demand charges, based on maximum demand from the grid each month, can account for up to 50% of commercial electricity bill.  3Prong Power’s energy management system can lower demand charges by lowering peak power draw from the grid using real-time optimization of power, energy storage, and financial effects.  The system has an average payback of less than 5 years then continues to cut the electricity bill for a total of more than 20 years.


3Prong Power’s energy management system seamlessly manages the electricity usage by discharging batteries at the most efficient time to minimize demand charges, saving up to 40% on the electricity bill.  The integrated system consists of a set of batteries, a sophisticated battery management system, an inverter and intelligent software developed with years of real world project experience optimizing quality, reliability, and efficiency.


Maximize solar investment return on investment by combining solar with energy storage.  The ability to share hardware and take advantage of additional incentives, and further reduce electricity use and demand charges will allow capture of the full value of the solar system. 3Prong Power works with customers to facilitate the rebate and incentive process to maximize the return on each and every project.